Become Involved

Are you interested in sharing one hour per week to make a big difference in the life of a child?

Just leave a comment below and fill out the following application. You’ll need to copy the application from the site and paste it into a Word document. Someone will contact you soon!

Freedom Readers


Personal Data


Name:_____________________________________ Address:______________________

City: ______________________________________State:________ Zip code: ________

Work Phone:  ________________ Fax:______________________ e-mail:___________

Home Phone: ________________ Fax: ______________________ e-mail: ___________

Current Occupation (if applicable): ___________________________________________

References: Please provide the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two personal references._______________________________________________________________

Time Available

How much time would you like to give as a literacy volunteer?

What specific times are you available to work with children?

Are you available to participate in training session? Please indicate the times you are available. The coordinator will follow up with a discussion about scheduling.


Do you have any particular experience with young children that you want us to know about?

Do you bring a particular skill or area of expertise that might be helpful to Freedom Readers (for example, computer skills, knowledge of children’s books or art)? Is there something in particular that you would like to do or contribute to the volunteer program?

Survey of Interests


Why did you decide to become a Freedom Reader?

What are your special interests or experiences that you would like to share with children?

What do you hope children will gain from your participation as a Freedom Reader?

What do you hope you will gain and learn from your participation as a Freedom Reader?


3 responses to “Become Involved

  1. Susan Ballinger

    I can’t seem to type in my info for Freedom Readers, but I am planning on attending the Darden Terrace center this coming Monday at 3. Please let me know if you need me to bring anything. I’m looking forward to it.
    Susan Ballinger

  2. I thoroughlt have enjoyed what I’ve read about
    Freedom Reader and would like to get involved
    with tutoring.

    • proudblacksouthern

      Great to hear, Mary. I really enjoyed talking with you at the One Million Mentor Town Hall Meeting. I’ll give you a call soon.

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