Vision Statement

Freedom Readers, Inc. connects people through a comprehensive program that offers individuals opportunities to improve academic performance and career prospects in order to alleviate poverty.

Freedom Readers, Inc. promotes a love of reading and development of the skills, tools, habits, and characteristics needed to become good readers.


Mission Statement


The mission of Freedom Readers, Inc. is to improve reading skills in low wealth communities by providing one-to-one literacy tutoring, free books for home libraries, and an inspiring, high-energy learning environment.


Literacy Goals for Young Scholars

Young Scholars who have been involved in our program consistently for at least one year will exhibit the following characteristics of good readers:

  • Read regularly, voluntarily and voraciously
  • Read a wide variety of material with confidence and enjoyment
  • Read for many purposes—
    • To become informed
    • To improve their lives
    • To escape to other worlds
    • To learn about themselves
    • To revel in adventure
    • To understand others who are distant in time, space and culture


  • Collect books, talk about books, and recommend books to their friends
  • Have favorite books and favorite authors
  • Know their tastes and preferences, but are willing to try something new
  • Remember what they read, reflect on the ideas and experiences they’ve gained from books, and make connections between and among books
  • Read actively, bringing their imaginations and past experiences to bear on their reading
  • Read critically, evaluating what they read for objectivity, completeness, authenticity and quality.


Freedom Readers was born of the following beliefs:

  • People and businesses are willing to support the efforts of others who are making strides toward self-improvement.


  • People who have underperformed academically in the past can reach their full potential when supported by the community.


  • By connecting people and providing resources, we can establish mutually beneficial relationships that improve society as a whole.


  • The eradication of illiteracy will alleviate a host of social ills and problems.


Freedom Readers promotes:

  • Empowerment:  Freedom Readers meets individuals where they are in their development and encourages people to outgrow themselves.


  • Dignity: Freedom Readers celebrates the best in every participant.


  • Leadership: Freedom Readers develops talents, strengths, and interests for the sake of raising ethical, intelligent, and inspiring leaders who will positively impact others.


Facts and History (Updated July 2010)


Total number of books owned by Freedom Readers                             1283    $12830.00

Total number of students currently enrolled                                            40

Total number of volunteers since inception                                             44

Total number of active volunteers                                                                32

Total number of books distributed                                                               640      $6400.00

Number of weeks in spring session                                                        16

Number of weeks in summer session                                                     8

Number of sites                                                                                               2

Number of schools served                                                                            2

Number of special events                                                                             6     

Number of computers                                                                                   3

Total dollars donated                                                                            $17,175

Number of Parent Volunteers                                                                 6

Number of local press mentions                                                            7


2 responses to “About

  1. I’d proud of you, again. Thanks for sharing your nightly ritual–it really set the tone for the body of your introduction to the program.

    Get with someone who writes grants to that you can get funding for this incredibly ingenious idea.

  2. Hi: Mailed my donation via the above address.

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